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The Revolution

Cookout: Welcome Home, Patriots Continue Their Tradition

Ashley M Bond, Managing Editor

November 4, 2015

It’s Friday night, and you're standing in the entryway of Cookout, looking into a sea of red, white, and blue. You're getting bumped into from each side, and you're squeezing yourself in between two sweaty and foul-smelling football players to try and get in line to order some food. Everyone is t...

Key Club Tackles DCON

Kate Edson, Editor-in-Chief

April 3, 2015

From March 21-23, Key Club traveled to the annual Capital District Convention [DCON] in Baltimore to celebrate service and their accomplishments from the past year.  The club received second place in the scrapbook contest and an honorable mention for Single Service and Project for their Toy Lift. A...

The Morning (And The Rest of Your Life) After

Maggie Rombach, Staff Correspondent

April 3, 2015

“The first time I had done what some people call third base, I was guilted into it; I didn't really understand what I was doing, and he was kind of an emotionally abusive boyfriend,” senior Jane* said. “I was in this state of mind where I felt like I had to do it because, why else would he be with...

Is Sex Next?

“I feel like a lot of people have had sex by senior year. I don’t think that people get pressured, they just think it’s the right time,” sophomore Taylor Sheffield said.

Statistics from: Finer LB and Philbin JM, Sexual Initiation, Contraceptive Use, and Pregnancy Among Young Adolescents, Pediatrics, 2013.

Ellie Forney, Staff Corespondent

April 3, 2015

As a specialist at the UVa Teen and Young Adult Health Center, who also teaches health education to Albemarle students, Mary Sullivan gets lots of question from students. One that she remembers vividly was, “Is there something wrong with me if I’m not interested in a sexual relationship right now?” Favorite...

Paleolithic Diet Consumes Students

April 3, 2015

Over the last few years, the Paleolithic diet (a diet based on the types of foods presumed to have been eaten by early humans, consisting chiefly of meat, fish, vegetables, and fruit, and excluding dairy or grain products and processed food) has grown in popularity, as many have become curious about...

SCA, Students Prep For Prom

Melanie Arthur, Editor in Chief

April 3, 2015

As the spring season begins, the annual pre-prom stress begins to overwhelm the junior and senior classes. “Obviously, two months before prom, girls are already freaking out about promposals,” senior Jeanette Yan said. Besides finding a date, there are dresses to try on, tuxedos to rent, reservations...

Teen Anxiety

Sophomore Taylor Holt took a picture of herself while having a panic attack.

Kali Vosper, Staff Correspondent

April 3, 2015

Everyone has had butterflies in their stomachs before a major test, but nausea, shortness of breath, and a rapid heartbeat? These are all symptoms of anxiety disorder, a problem that many teenagers are facing. In the United States, about 25 percent of kids 13-18 will experience an anxiety disorder...

Feng Achieves Greatness Through Science

Runner up Selena Feng at this year's Science Fair.

Mattie Burris, Staff Correspondent

April 3, 2015

“Quiet, hardworking, and very intelligent. She is an extremely self-aware student who knows what she wants,” MESA program director Jeff Prillaman described junior Selena Feng. Feng has competed in the science fair for three years of high school and has dominated her category each time. This year,...

Drinking: A Fun Time or Deadly?

Drinking: A Fun Time or Deadly?

Alex Lesie, Online Editor

April 2, 2015

Have you had a drink in the past 30 days?  According to the National Institute of Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism (NIAAA) “by age 15, half of teens have had at least one drink. By age 18, more than 70% of teens have had at least one drink.” In many European countries the legal drinking age is 16...

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