Fornite patch 7.40 takes off

Josh Ewing, Staff reporter

Recently, in it’s 7.40 patch Fortnite introduced many of the settings from its Pop Up Cup gamemode to the ‘normal’ modes; those modes being Solo, Duos, Trios, and Squads.

These changes completely changed the way Fortnite is going to be played, because they now heavily reward aggressive gameplay.

They introduced the following settings: on kill, a player gets 50 type of each material, and the player who killed them receives either 50 health or shield, depending on how much they have. In addition, they lowered the amount of materials you can carry: 500 of each type, going down from 999 of each type.

“I think it’s good because it heightens gameplay, incentivizes you to get getting kills; it does more than putting a number on the screen, especially when you already have good guns,” senior Sean Floyd said.

This now increases early game killing, since a player can drop in, get a kill and receive shield from said kill, then kill someone else, gain their shields and so on.

Unfortunately, this is going to increase players interfering with one-on-one fights of other players. A third person can just come in, kill a weak player, than kill the other weakened player, and get both kills, as well as their items, all while gaining health for themselves.

However, not everyone agrees with that sentiment.

“I think the addition of healing on kills is good, but the nerf to the materials is stupid. I can’t build enough anymore. I actually stopped playing Fortnite because of this, it’s just very dumb,”junior Liam Eury said.