New Mortal Kombat Movie is a Flawless Victory


Daniel Stajduhar, Staff Reporter

Fans of the game Mortal Kombat will immediately become fans of the new movie. It is a great watch that encapsulates the game into a movie entirely.

This is the third movie based on the fighting video game released in 1992. The movie includes iconic characters such as Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Raiden, Liu Kang, Sonya Blade, Kano, and Goro.

The story begins with Cole Young (Lewis Tan), a washed-up MMA fighter with a cool dragon birthmark, who is found by Jax (Mehcad Brooks) and told he is part of something much bigger than himself. He also finds out he is Scorpion’s (Hiroyuki Sanada) only blood relative left after Sub-Zero (Joe Taslim) killed Scorpion and his family. Young also discovers that he has to fight for Earthrealm alongside other familiar video game characters.

Once the time comes to fight in Mortal Kombat there is a huge fight scene, as you would expect from a movie about a fighting video game. It has one of the top fight scenes/climaxes I’ve seen. The fighting choreography makes it seem like the characters really know martial arts.

For a video game that is known for its graphic content, the movie doesn’t disappoint. There’s plenty of arm-ripping, eye lasers, and burning people alive, etc. for fans of the game. Plus, all the characters use their signature moves and catchphrases, adding to its authenticity.

The movie really builds off of the game by keeping the premise the same: a tournament between the heroes of different realms. Obviously, director Simon McQuoid knows that he has a winning formula with the video game and doesn’t change much.

There is a lot of blood and gore in this movie, so if you don’t handle that kind of thing well you might want to avoid watching this movie.

All in all, Mortal Kombat is an excellent movie that you should watch. Plus, I don’t know if anyone else likes this, but one of my favorite things about this movie is when they say “Mortal Kombat” in a really cool way since it’s the title of the movie and game.

Mortal Kombat premiered April 16 on HBO Max and in theaters. It is set to come out on DVD on July 23.