The most wonderful time of year at AHS

Annika Morton, Staff Reporter

Building snowmen, making snow angels, and ice skating. Winter is a time of diversity and fun. Here are some students from AHS and what they do during this season.

Heather Mack-Senior

-Go to Disney World

-Build a snowman

-Watch Elf

-Drink hot cocoa

-Hang out with friends in the snow

Devin Hunt-Freshman

-Stay inside

-Watch Netflix until spring

Hannah Mallow-Sophmore

-Go ice skating on a frozen over pond

-Once it snows go sledding with my friends

-Build crazy snowmen

Destiny Smith-Sophmore

-Hang out with my family and friends

-Make snow angels

-Watch movies by the fire

Federico Stagnaro-Freshman

-Relax in my house

-Drink tea and read