Working Together: A Brief Look Inside the Peer Tutoring Center


Josh Ewing, Staff reporter

While it started out as a writing center, the Peer Tutoring Center has evolved into a fully-fledged program with over a hundred members.

The Peer Tutoring Center, located in room 88, is a place to go if you need help studying, completing your homework, working on an assignment, or anything in between.

“While it can be very nerve-wracking coming in for help, it’s very comfortable once it starts, very personalized. Once you actually get in the session it’s not that bad.” senior tutor Lally Hobson said.

“It’s a very low-stress environment, but is still high energy. You can also make a lot of connections and friends with people, since you get to meet other tutors and clients,” Hobson said.

“I’ve learned that helping others is very important. You get to see all types of students, and it’s a great way to meet new friends; I focus on the aspect of serving others when I tutor. If anything, that’s the main takeaway; we help others and do fun things with the community.” senior Andrew Burns said.

“It’s a very collaborative environment, and very welcoming. You get to meet a lot of people, ” junior tutor Grace Baldwin said.

If you feel you ever need help, then you can come in before the start of school- around 8:15- all the way up until the end of school.

“Working with really wonderful students, working w/ tutors and clients, and just seeing the impact we make is probably my favorite part,” Peer Tutoring Center director Hannah Baran said.