Hallway congestion creates frustration

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Chances are if you are reading this while walking down the hallway you should stop, pull over, and find the nearest bench. There is a line of 30 people trying to get around you. Walking in the hallway is not that difficult people, and it would be just fantastic if you decided to move your circle of friends from right in the middle of the hall, to somewhere like the breezeway.


Believe it or not there is this new magical invention called “headphones”. This new, groundbreaking technology allows you listen to music, and no one else has to hear it! So think of this next time you are walking in the halls with your music playing on a speaker.


When walking down the hall, when you get the compulsion to turn around, and walk straight into me, please avoid shooting me a dirty look as if it’s all my fault you didn’t have the common sense to look up and see the person right in front of you.


It’s great that you have a boyfriend/girlfriend, I’m so happy for you, really. However, if you could  resist the urge to make-out with that special someone in the middle of the hall, I think the hallways would become a much more pleasant place, for everyone.  


Also if you could not walk as slow as dirt, and then move in front of me when I try to get past you, that would be cool. If you can see that everyone is walking out through a door maybe going into the building through that door isn’t the best idea. I mean there is another door right next to it, that people are going the same direction as you. You could use it. I don’t know, it’s just an idea.
Clearly walking in the hallways isn’t rocket science, so if everyone could  just do their part. I think the hallways would become slightly less aggravating.