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The Revolution

2014-2015 Staff

Alex Leslie

Alex Leslie is a senior at Albemarle High School. He enjoys writing about sports and controversial topics. He is an intern at Scrimmage Play and hopes to become a professional journalist after attending JMU in the class of 2020.

Jesse Case

Jesse is an illustrator and writer who doesn't like writing in the third person about himself.

Malcolm Meistrell

Malcolm Meistrell is a junior at AHS. This is his first year on The Revolution staff. Outside of school Malcolm plays lacrosse. Malcolm also plays travel ice hockey for the Blue Ridge Ice Hockey Association. After high school Malcolm plans to become an engineer.

Eliza MacKnight

2 Eliza MacKnight is a sophomore at AHS. She drinks unhealthy amounts of Horizon Organic chocolate milk even though she's lactose intolerant and has an obsession with the name Kevin, because of an episode of My Crazy Obsession in which a couple collects Cabbage Patch Kids. She excessively watches The Mi...

Ashley Bond

Ashley Bond is a senior at Albemarle High School. She is a caffeine addict. In her free time she enjoys riding her pet elephant, Henry, into the sunset. Ashley loves pesto pasta and pesto pizza, basically any food that has pesto in it. She is the captain of the varsity cheerleading team at Albemarle....

Sarah Lemley

Sarah Lemley is a junior at Albemarle High School. She was raised by gorillas in the jungles of the Congo and enjoys swinging from vine to vine in only a loincloth. When she's not swinging through the jungle, you can find her binge watching New Girl on Netflix and trying on bangs to see if she looks...

Alex Leslie

Alex Leslie is a junior at The Revolution also the Online Editor, with this year being his third year on staff. Alex enjoys playing sports, traveling around the world, and writing. Alex hopes to continue and pursue writing as a professional career. Alex also writes on his personal sports blog. Check...

Bailey Bush

Bailey Bush Sr. is the business editor of The Revolution and a fourth year on staff. She plays Varsity field hockey and is a member of People Who Watch Too Many Youtube Videos. She killed both of her fish and her dog bit off three of her toes. Her favorite subject is Lunch! She is inspired by Oprah,...

Kate Edson

Kate Edson is a senior at Albemarle and co-editor-in-chief of The Revolution with the lovely Melanie Arthur. Along with newspaper, Kate is involved with the Junior Classical League, No Fella A Cappella, Patriot Singers, and multiple clubs and honor societies. She is excited to take on her fourth year of...

Melanie Arthur

Melanie Arthur is a senior and co-editor-in-chief of The Revolution with the darling Kate Edson, and is incredibly excited to be a part of the J-Squad for her fourth year. Outside of journalism, Melanie is actively involved with Key Club and various honor societies. When not in school, she enjoys biking...

Julia Harrison

Julia Harrison, a senior at Albemarle, the opinion editor of The Revolution and a fourth year on staff. Her greatest regrets in life are getting rid of her scooter and not getting the digits of her preschool boyfriend because he was a total hottie. She has a recurring opinion column in the paper which...

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