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The Revolution

2015-2016 Staff

Alex Leslie

Alex Leslie is a senior at Albemarle High School. He enjoys writing about sports and controversial topics. He is an intern at Scrimmage Play and hopes to become a professional journalist after attending JMU in the class of 2020.

Ayushi Singh

Ayushi Singh is a senior at Albemarle High School. She enjoys traveling.

Eliza MacKnight

Eliza is a junior at AHS. During the week she can be found procrastinating on homework and spending excessive numbers of hours rowing. On the weekends she can be found laying in bed binge watching Criminal Minds on Netflix. She is often labeled as basic for her Hunter rain boots and love of venti caramel...

Allison Ferralli

Allison Ferralli is a junior at Albemarle High School. She enjoys photography (so she can stay behind the camera) and watching Hallmark movies. She also likes annoying her siblings and spending time with her baby niece, Lily.

Sharon Ibler

Sharon Ibler is 17 years old and a senior at Albemarle High School. It's her first and last year here, because she's an exchange student from Germany. Her profile is not going to be as surreal as Ashley's. She doesn't have an elephant and doesn't sleep at Trader Joe's, but she's not less interesting....

Alex Joncas

Alex Joncas is a cool gal who enjoys getting food after school, but becomes stressed when the cashier asks her too many questions. On the weekend she enjoys posting pics of her friends on her Snapchat story while on fun filled adventures. Alex likes to tell entertaining stories during class and finds...

Madison Stumler

Maddie loves traveling, and photography, and writing, and foxes. Maddie realllyyy loves foxes.

Jake Elliott

Jake is the greatest Yball player to ever step on a court.

Harley Walker

Harley Walker is a freshman.This is her first year trying journalism. She enjoys writing and hanging out with friends.

Lorena Best

Lorena Best is fun, a sophomore, and a Starbucks lover. Hmu

Josie Collier

Josie Collier is a sophomore, and its her first year in journalism. There is nothing more about her that is interesting.

Jesse Case

Jesse is an illustrator and writer who doesn't like writing in the third person about himself.

Kamryn Crossman

Kamryn Crossman is a small little bean who is constantly listening to music while trying not to accidentally dance while in public. Don't be fooled by the body and face because the small bean is already 18 years young and a senior in high school.

Madelyn White

Madelyn is a sophomore at Albemarle and this is her first year taking Journalism. She enjoys sweet tea, water skiing, and playing the ukulele.

Marc Rabourdin

Marc is a 17 year old senior at Albemarle High School. He like to eat food and play Y-Ball. Ball is life. God Bless America. HMU 434-806-8657

Ben Yung

Bush did 9/11.

Ashley Bond

Ashley Bond

Ashley Bond is a senior at Albemarle High School. She is a caffeine addict. In her free time she enjoys riding her pet elephant, Henry, into the sunset. Ashley loves pesto pasta and pesto pizza, basically any food that has pesto in it. She is the captain of the varsity cheerleading team at Albemarle....

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