The Top 5 Horror Movies to Watch on Halloween

5. The Conjuring

A look at the real case handled by Ed and Lorraine Warren, The Conjuring follows them as they try to help the Perron family who have just moved into their new house and are beginning to suspect everything isn’t what it seems. The Conjuring is easily one of the best horror movies of the decade, with stunning effects and a mystery you actually have to solve for yourself, the movie manages to keep you interested and invested for the whole film. (Available on Netflix) 

4. The Blair Witch Project

This “real” documentary follows three film students as they journey into the woods, searching for the signs of witchcraft they heard about. As they search tensions begin to rise, as you begin to catch on to a deeper mystery lurking below. With an original premise, and interesting characters, this movie belongs on everyone’s list of must watch horror movies.(Available on Netflix) 

3. Halloween (the very first one)

This story follows Michael Meyers and his quest to murder. After being locked away in a mental institution for 15 years, Michael escapes on October 30th and heads back to his hometown to find his new targets, just in time for Halloween night. Filled with jump scares and suspenseful scenes, this movie is the start of one of the most famous horror movie killers of all time. (Available On Demand and on iTunes) 

2. The Exorcist

When young Regan begins to display signs of being possessed, her mother begs the church for help. When an old priest calls in a professional exorcist, they learn she isn’t being possessed by an ordinary demon. One of the most successful horror movies ever made, The Exorcist is a must watch for any Halloween movie marathon. (Available On Demand, and on YouTube)

1. The Shining

When struggling writer Jack Torrance is put in charge of a hotel for the winter, Jack, his wife, and their son are isolated for three long months. During this time strange things begin to happen around the hotel, and with no one able to help them but themselves, this thriller puts you on the edge of your seat, wondering who, if anyone, will survive. (Available on Netflix)