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Holiday Gift-Giving Ideas

December 23, 2014

This holiday season, everything seems to be approaching quickly: From the Christmas ads in October to the ongoing black friday deals. This article is here to help make sure that all of your gifts this season are perfect without any unnecessary stress.

For the Family:

Although you might not always love them, shopping for your family can be a thrill. For your parents, you could try the safe route and bake them homemade cookies or you could try getting your mom some relaxing products such as bath salts. And as cliche as this may sound, for your dad, you really can’t go wrong with tools or sports team merchandise. As for your siblings they are a piece of cake. You can always just drop by their favorite store and pick them up something small so they know you care.

For your Friends:

Friends are a completely different story. They can be fickle and complete wildcards when it comes to gift exchanges; so never do anything too big. Go simple: bake a totally kick butt batch of sugar cookies for them, or if baking isn’t your thing don’t forget how much a trip ice skating can mean to someone. You know your friend (hopefully) better than anyone else, so do what you think that they would want the most. But just make sure to keep your expectations low for what you get in return.

For the Special Someone:

Lastly, the boyfriends and girlfriends. Honestly you may feel the need to break the bank on this one to impress them but there really is no need. For boyfriends you can always stick with gift cards, movies, or go out to ice cream along with a charming sweater. For the girls you can’t go wrong with jewelry, perfume, or it’s a great idea to buy them a cute scarf. But if you are completely stumped it may help to ask her best friends since they have her best interest at heart.

In conclusion, the holidays really aren’t about giving gifts; the presents are just a plus. Make sure to be thankful for the precious time that you spend with your friends and family. After all, that’s priceless.


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