Things to Cook When Home Alone

Things to Cook When Home Alone

Harley Walker, Revolution Correspondent


First make sure you have eggs, a stove, a pan, and a bowl.

  1. Take eggs out of carton.
  2. Crack eggs into bowl
  3. Grab a fork or whisk and mix eggs until they are all one color (yellow).
  4. Grab a frying pan
  5. Put ½ Tbsp of butter in pan. (optional)  
  6. Turn stove to the medium setting
  7. Heat up pan on stove (till butter melts)
  8. Pour eggs into pan.
  9. Stir until eggs are solid
  10. Enjoy



You will need bread, and prefered sandwich toppings. Also a plate.

  1. Get bread.
  2. Get meat/meats
  3. Get anything else you put on your sandwiches.
  4. Put meat and other things on bread.
  5. Put on plate.
  6. Enjoy



Get a CLEAN bowl, spoon, milk, and cereal.

  1. Get cereal
  2. Put in bowl
  3. Get milk
  4. Put in the bowl with the cereal
  5. Grab spoon
  6. Eat =)
  7. Enjoy


 You’ll need a pan, a stove, water, and ramen noodles

  1. Get ramen noodle packet
  2. Read directions on the back of ramen noodle packet
  3. Get medium cooking pot
  4. Fill pot halfway with water
  5. Put pot on stove
  6. Turn on stove to medium
  7. Heat to a boil
  8. Put ramen noodles in the pan for as long as the packet instructs  
  9. Cook till ramen noodles are soft
  10. Enjoy