The Unicorn Frappuccino is not all rainbows and sprinkles

Annika Morton, Staff Reporter

Today is the last day to try the new Starbucks drink everyone is going crazy over. The “Unicorn Frappuccino” is the newest addition to the unicorn craze, anywhere from makeup to different types of food.

Starting April 19, the new drink is very colorful and has multiple flavors. The first flavor was going to be fruity and sweet and then become more tangy, like a Sweet Tart.

When I tried it out the drink started out with a very sweet and berry-like flavor. After about five drinks, it turned very bitter. It tasted like very bitter Fruit Loops, kind of like a Sweet Tart gone terribly wrong.

Initially, it looked like a disappointing slice of birthday cake. The drink was also supposed to change colors as well as flavors; however I did not see any change. When I was drinking it I did not feel like it was very “unicorny” it was really just like a vanilla bean Frappuccino with the wrong flavoring powder.

When I first heard about the drink I thought I was going to have an overall magical experience and feel like I just had something straight out of a fairy tale. But after drinking it I thought that I just drank a terribly bitter rainbow smoothie.

If you like crazy tasting drinks from Starbucks, this drink is totally for you.