Heisman Trophy Preview


Grayson Heflin, Jake Elliott, and Jonathan Danilich

In college football, the most prestigious award is the Heisman Trophy, three finalists have been selected Lamar Jackson, Bryce love, and Baker Mayfield. Saturday night the trophy will be presented and one of them will be given this prestigious honor. Without further ado here’s a rundown of each candidate and why they deserve to win the award.


Jake: Lamar Jackson: [60.4 Completion %, 3489 yards, 25 touchdowns, 1443 rushing yards, 17 rushing touchdowns]

Being the reigning Heisman Trophy winner, repeating would be a near-impossible task. Lamar Jackson has defied the odds, putting together another explosive season, both running and throwing the ball.


With his completion percentage improving about four points, from 56-60, and his interceptions dropping by three, Jackson has proven last year’s dominance was no fluke.


Since bursting onto the scene, Jackson has consistently been one of the most explosive players in not only the NCAA but the history of the NCAA.  


While Archie Griffin is the only player in the history of the college to win multiple Heisman trophies, I certainly believe that Jackson is deserving to join that list. He has carried a very poor Louisville team for two years while putting up phenomenal rushing, and passing numbers.


Jonathan: Bryce Love


Lots of writers agreed in the preseason: the Heisman Trophy was wide open this year.


None of them saw this kid coming.


Bryce Love from Stanford has been one of the most dominant running backs in College Football this season, averaging over 8.6 yards per carry. Even with the heavy workload he carried, he was able to pace himself to over 150 rushing yards per contest, showing that he was more than capable of filling the massive shoes left by Christian McCaffrey.


In a season where Stanford was undermanned and underrated coming in, Bryce Love carried his team to the Pac 12 Championship game, and now has a fighter’s chance at the most prestigious award in College Football.


Grayson: Baker Mayfield


Baker Mayfield is the current front-runner for the Heisman Trophy. There is a lot of evidence suggesting that those people are correct. Looking past Baker’s raw stats, and physical abilities his accomplishments as a leader for Oklahoma are unparalleled.


Mayfield has beaten top teams and successfully lead, even willed his team back in many games in which analysts counted them out. Baker put the team on his back and now has them in a position to play for the National Championship.


But then again the Heisman Trophy winner doesn’t have to just be on a good team, he must also have statistics to back up his play. Boy oh boy, does Mayfield have impressive stats.


This season Baker Mayfield has 4,340 yards to go along with 41 passing touchdowns and only five interceptions. He has a fantastic completion percentage of 71% and impressive 11.76 yards per attempt through the air.


Mayfield as a runner this year has 310 yards, averaging 3.5 yards per rush, and five touchdowns. Mayfield takes great care of the ball and after playing 13 games this season has not lost a single fumble after all 85 of his rushing attempts.


Baker Mayfield is a winner, plain and simple, he has led his team to the two seed in the College Football playoff after going 12-1, beating TCU in the big 12 championship. Baker Mayfield is smart with the ball and an accurate passer, he’s a great scrambler in the pocket, using his high football IQ to keep the play alive as well as keep his teams in games.


Baker Mayfield won the AP player of the year award and flat out deserves the Heisman due to his poise in the pocket in tough games and ability to will his team two big wins.