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New Teacher Roundup

October 15, 2018

We asked these new teachers 3 questions each about themselves. The questions were:

  1. What classes do you teach?
  2. What’re your hobbies outside of school?
  3. Why did you want to become a teacher?
L. Stephens
John Benson
Advanced/Honors Chemistry
Watch anime and Video Games
“At the end of college I didn’t want to do research and I had a degree in chemistry so it all worked out.”
L. Stephens
Marilyn Bradford
World History 1 and World History 2
Reading, Hiking and Napping
“Because I worked in an office and it was boring and I felt like it was boring and a waste of time.”
L. Stephens
Elaine Ceceleski
ESOL Support
Being outside, kayaking and spending time with families
“I have always enjoyed traveling and learning language myself.”
L. Stephens
Wendy Charlton
Collab Algebra 1 and AFDA
Traveling and weaving tapestries
“Volunteering in my kid’s classrooms made me want to be a teacher.”
L. Stephens
Aurora Cruz
Science Collaborating Classes
Camping and hiking trails.
“I became a teacher by accident, I was a researcher when a teaching position was offered to me after three interviews I accepted a position and have loved it ever since.”
L. Stephens
Bethany Doan
English 9 H & 12 AA
Running, Reading, Hiking, and Cheer
“I love reading and writing. And helping other people love reading and writing.”
L. Stephens
Andrew Fishman
English 10
Bowling, Hiking, Live Music
“I had some great English teachers growing up specifically 2 male English teachers, and I would love to inspire my students in the way they inspired me. I also have always been passionate about working with kids, and ultimately want to improve the writing skills of all my students, these are skills that I think are important for life after school.”
L. Stephens
Michael Gambino
Sociology, US history and Duel Enrollment
Coaching, Rugby, Working with Horses and magic the Gathering
“I tried everything else and hated it all. I liked to work with young people and teaching is something I liked doing.”
L. Stephens
Devin Gentry
World History 1
Basketball, working on his nonprofit and working out.
“I wanted to be a teacher because I believe it’s my purpose to serve the youth and along with that I just remember when I was a student I was overlooked or misunderstood. I want to bridge the gap for these students in not getting overlooked or misunderstood.”
Ethan Hayes
Social Studies
“Mr Hayes says it’s been a good year so far”
Sean Lucia
“By the end of the year Mr Lucia hopes to have students have a passion for books”
Ivan Orr
Audio Production 1 & 2
“Mr Orr wants students to have a way of showing creativity through music”
Megan Spalding
“By the end of the year Ms Spalding hopes to do more collaboration projects and work with tech”
Veronica Tornini
“Ms Tornini says it’s been an amazing year so far”
Jason Ver-Plank
Media Center
”Mr Ver-Plank hopes to make all students welcome in the library”
Kimberly Vibes
Erin Wood
“Ms Wood love the diverse culture we have in our school”

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