Students React to Pre-Prom Meeting

Eliza MacKnight, Editorial Editor

A pre-prom meeting was held on Thursday, April 20, to promote safe behavior after the Prom, which took place on Saturday, April 22.

The meeting was led by former AHS teacher Anita Jenkins, who spoke of her son Nolan Jenkins, who tragically died in a car accident after attempting to drive from a field party while under the influence of alcohol in 2006. Because of this, Nolan was unable to attend his senior prom the next weekend, or graduate with his peers.

The annual meeting takes place the Thursday before every Prom, as a reminder to students about the consequences of underage drinking, and driving while under the influence.

“I think it serves as a reminder that stuff like this can happen to anyone,” senior Taylor Sheffield said.

“[The meeting] definitely causes you to think twice before making any kind of decision that could effect you or the people around you,” senior Sydney Alexander said.

Being reminded of the negative consequences of making poor decisions helps students shy away from making them, especially days before Prom.