Albemarle Will Celebrate Diversity With Cultural Fair

Maddy White, Staff Reporter

This Wednesday and Thursday in the Breezeway at CHAT, the language department is hosting a cultural fair for all of the students to experience a wide variety of cultures.

“We would really like for everyone, not just students taking a language, but the whole school, to come have fun and, experience, and get them interested in other languages,” Japanese teacher Hiroko Schierman said.

At the cultural fair there will be games for students to participate in as well as music to celebrate different cultures, languages and countries.

“Language classes are the kind of classes that you can actually enjoy after school, it’s lifelong,” Schierman said.

Students in the language department have worked to prepare for the cultural fair with only slight teacher assistance. The fair is mostly student organized as they thought of what sorts of activities, music, and festivities that they wanted involved.

“We hope that this is fun for the students, we just want everyone to come out and enjoy the fair without having to worry about pen and paperwork. It’s really just for a great experience,” said Mrs. Schierman.

The language department has been keeping most of the activities of the cultural fair a surprise for a big “wow factor,” but Schierman did give some clues: “one activity involves a tricycle, donuts, toga, and music.”