Midterm Election 2018

Where do the candidates stand on issues that are important to you? 

Brian Tewles, Staff Writer

U.S. Senate Race

Tim Kaine

Corey Stewart
Party Democrat Republican
Funding $21.7 million $2 million
Previous Experience in Politics VA Governor 2006-2010
DNC Chair 2009-2011
VA Senator 2012-present
Prince William County BOS Chairman 2006-present
Stance on Statues Thinks we should consider the pasts of our statues, supports taking down those with Confederate pasts Wants to preserve Confederate statues, also advocates for Confederate flag usage
Gun Control In light of recent events, Kaine has shifted to a stricter view on gun usage, citing his responsibility to keep Virginians safe Endorses gun ownership, lessened firearm restrictions, considers gun rights to be a keystone of Republican policy
NRA Rating: F A
Women’s Health Opposed to abortions, based off of “Catholic values”, however he has sponsored greater contraceptive access bills 100% pro-life, wants to defund Planned Parenthood and restrict abortions nationwide
Immigration Wants to expand programs for those living illegally in US to be able to become a citizen, investments in border security Wants all who are living in US illegally to be deported and supports the building of a border wall between US and Mexico


5th District U.S. Congressional Race

Leslie Cockburn

Denver Riggelman

Party Democrat Republican
Funding $2.75 million $1.4 million
Previous Experience Award-winning investigative journalist with CBS, NBC, and PBS Owns and operates Silverback Distillery in Afton, VA
Stance on Statues Thinks we should take down statues because they offend certain groups Thinks that it is against “our heritage” and uneconomical to take down Confederate statues
Gun Control Pro gun control, Cockburn thinks that we should restrict gun purchases at gun shows and puts an emphasis on mental health screenings Strong proponent of 2nd Amendment, says he is troubled by the amount of guns used in suicides
Women’s Health Pro-choice, supports funding for Planned Parenthood and reproductive rights for women Pro life, however Riggleman is open-minded when it comes to cases of rape or incest
Immigration Supports expanded immigration, staunchly against cruel treatment of immigrant families at the border Supports strengthening our southern border, thinks we need a wall in “some places”