Patriot Period Activities for Jan 28 – Feb 1

Josh Ewing, Staff reporter


Trashketball: a fun spin off of regular basketball, but played with a paper ball.

Look up Houck, Lauren E 123.


Culinary Arts Discussion: Chef Poindexter is hosting a session to talk about culinary arts, saying, “Interested in learning more about field of Culinary Arts, but couldn’t sign up for the class? Come talk about the industry with Chef in room 159. Ask any culinary arts questions you may have.”

Look up Poindexter, Malik 159.


Young Socialists club: this club is inviting students who want to discuss politics.

Look up AHS Young Socialists.


Voltron: Come watch episodes of Voltron with Mr. Liechti.

Look up Liechti, Vernon T 152.



Bird watching: Mr. Liechti is taking his students outside to participate in bird watching, as well as simply talking about them.

Look up Liechti, Vernon T 152.


Movie: come and see Dogtown and Z-Boys, a movie about the origins of skateboarding, and may also interest students who like to surf. Come see this movie with Mr. Bunin!

Look up Bunin, John C 162.



D&D club prep. Mr. Trachta is hosting a game prep meeting this Friday, to get yourself ready for the actual game.

Look up Trachta, CJ in the Gym Lobby.