Patriot Period Changes

What do students think of the cafeteria and gym being off-limits during Patriot Period in second semester?

“I feel like it is the biggest piece of [expletive] choice that the administration has ever made. My education time has been interrupted because these people who don’t want to get work done are being forced into classrooms and made to get work done.” Junior Rafe Smith
“I’m sad because I can’t play basketball or hang out with my friends anymore.” Junior Elijah Nowell
“I never go to the cafeteria or gym for Patriot Period, so I don’t really care.” Junior Ninaad Kundu
“I don’t care. I’ve never gone to either.” Sophomore Lou Marshall
“I mean didn’t even go in the gym or cafeteria but I understand why they would stop people from going there.” Sophomore Alloire Thomas
“Not gonna lie, I do not care that the gym and cafeteria are not open during patriot period.” Senior Mercy Muthee
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