Film Fest Premieres Students’ Writing, Acting, and Directing


Erick Cates, Staff Reporter

Want to see the amazing talent of Albemarle students? 

Albemarle will host the fifth annual film festival on May 24.  With films written and directed by the filmmaking class, the event will be an opportunity to see Patriot talent on display. 

The festival will consist of the films “Camp Getright,”  “Referrals,” “Red Flags,” and “A Killer Project.” 

AHS Filmmaking


AHS Filmmaking

“Camp GetRight” is a murder-mystery about students sent to a wilderness camp for juvenile delinquents. Written by Mia Rowe (AHS ‘21), and directed by senior Courtney Elhart, the film was shot on location at Camp Abemarle in October. 

Two films cover topics commonly faced by teens. “Red Flags” deals with a student slowly discovering that her new boyfriend may not be as perfect as he first seemed. “A Killer Project” tells the story of the class slacker who runs afoul of an overly ambitious classmate when he messes up a group project.

Produced by the advanced filmmaking class, “Referrals” is a remake of an early Patriot Production that follows a student who develops a crush on his principal. 

Two works-in-progress will also be screened: “Physical” and “The Weight of Water” which explore how the pressure of competitive sports can lead to unhealthy choices by athletes. 

The film festival takes place from 7-9 p.m. in the auditorium. Admission is free, but donations to the filmmaking program will be accepted and appreciated.