No Shave November is not just for fun

Kaitlyn Miller, Managing Editor

No-shave November.  The 30 days of high school boys growing out struggling mustaches and girls letting their leg hair run wild.

I have nothing against those who participate in No Shave November.  In fact,  I strongly support those raising awareness for a medical condition.

That’s right, No Shave November is not merely a chance to save on razors for a month. Much like how wearing the cute little pink ribbons in October shows your support for breast cancer, growing a mustache signifies your support of prostate cancer awareness.

Prostate cancer is a disease that affects men’s reproductive systems.  There are approximately 241,740 new cases each year, 28,170 of them deadly, according to the National Institute of Cancer.

The Movember (the words Mustache and November put together)  Foundation, established in 2004 in Australia, is a nonprofit organization which strives to increase awareness of men’s health issues.  More information about Prostate Cancer, and No Shave November, can be found at

Everyone knows about Breast Cancer Awareness month and Black History Month, but does anyone notice Prostate  Awareness Month?  Does anyone cheerily announce “I’m growing a beard for men’s cancer?”

No, they do not. Students think this is a fun way to show off their scraggly upper-lip hairs and brag about their ‘stache.  But before you continue growing out your hair, learn why you’re tossing away your razor.