Stereotyping is bad

Blair Doby

Dear Editor,

It has come to my attention that our school is full of stereotypes. I am appalled with what I hear about people based on clothing, social activities, and appearance. Allow me to name some examples. If you wear camouflage, you are considered a redneck. If you join marching band, you are thought to be nerdy with pimples. Lastly, if you wear Sperry’s, people assume you conform to everyone else. These are obviously not true. I have met prim and proper people who wear camo, I can confirm that people in marching band have perfectly fine skin, and my aunt wears Sperry’s. I mainly bring up stereotypes because I am a Caucasian female with dreadlocks and have been judged repeatedly. People automatically assume that the dread nation is full of dirty hippies and Rastafarians. I am no hippie and I am perfectly clean. Dreads are a hairstyle that I like and I would appreciate it if I was not judged so thoroughly. The same goes for the hundreds of other stereotypes in this school. Everyone is free to wear  and do what he or she wants and do it without being judged. After all, we are in America.


The only Caucasian AHS student with dreadlocks, Blair Doby