Top Restaurants in Charlottesville

Eliza MacKnight & Maggie Rombach, Staff Reporter


If you live in Charlottesville, you might have seen the abundance of quaint and family owned restaurants. If you’re not looking to break the bank and want to enlighten your taste buds, here are some restaurants for you.


Bodos Bagels:

This quick, cheap and popular bagel restaurant provides consistent, fresh bagel options for all of Charlottesville. The casual, clean and family atmosphere, mixed with the friendliness of the staff and efficiency of the service makes for the perfect place to sit in or take out. The bagels are also good to to take home and freeze to save for another time.



Located Downtown and on Pantops, Sticks Kebob Shop offers healthy platters of delicious kebabs and sides. Among the menu options include a wide variety of meats, rice, and other side dishes, finished off with their famous pita bread. The restaurant is casual, the service is pretty fast, and the prices are not too high for all the food you receive in return.



Famous for their potato flour based donuts and small family feel, Spudnuts has been providing Charlottesville locals with delicious donuts and coffee for 75 years. A staple in the community, the rundown locale and early closing time is no turnoff to the delectable, fluffy, and overall superb donut that tops the charts.


Chaps Ice Cream:

This small downtown ice creamery offers the best classic, homemade ice cream around. They have a plethora of flavors, homemade waffle cones and a friendly staff. Their old fashioned booths and jukebox make customers feel as though they’ve entered the 1950s every time they walk inside. Opened close to five decades ago, Chaps is hands-down the best place for a casual date, cheap snack, or post-hard-day-at-work dessert stop.


The Great Harvest Bread company:

Located right across from C’ville Coffee, The Great Harvest Bread Company offers fresh bread baked daily. Not only are the sandwiches delicious, but they are healthy as well. The high quality employees show you a beaming face every time you walk in; not to mention during your first visit you’ll get a free loaf of your choosing. The Great Harvest Bread Company will have you running back nearly every day.


Marco & Lucas

Surely you have heard of the famous Marco & Lucas located in the heart of the downtown mall and recently expanding to Seminal Square.This is the place to be when you’re downtown with friends and don’t want to spend a fortune. It’s a typical Asian restaurant atmosphere with a pond of multicolored fish in the back. Covered in a special sauce, these dumplings are to die for and you’ll find yourself getting a double order every time you come in.


Kirt’s Ice Cream

Located by ACAC in Albemarle Square, Kirt’s Ice Cream is the most satisfying dessert around. They have vast selection of items including homemade ice cream, cupcakes, cakes a great assortment of flavors and toppings. Kirt’s customer service is fantastic, plus, the owner of the store is constantly scooping cones for his customers.


Carpe Donuts

Carpe Donuts seem to be everywhere. Charlottesville is stocked with their trucks around town and that’s not a bad thing. Their actual store is right next to the Great harvest bread co. Carpe Donuts closely competes with other dessert options on how tasty their treats are. Baked fresh daily, when you take your first bite of the crispy shell, the savory center will leave you wanting more.


The Flat

Right across from the weekly farmers market,  and beside Live Arts, The Flat’s crepes are delectable. They are handed to you in a paper-like wrap which makes them easy to walk around with downtown. Customers’ all time favorite is the Banana Nutella crepe which can not be topped by the original french crepes.

Belmont BBQ

Located close to UVA, Belmont BBQ provides tasty meats and sauces for college students, families, and Charlottesville locals alike. Among the favorites include the pork and brisket, while the slop bucket (cheesy potatoes, beans, pork, and coleslaw all in one) and sides top the charts. The food is amazing, the service fast, the prices low, and the atmosphere friendly and spacious. Perfect for a last minute dinner option or an out of town lunch stop.