To procrastinate or to not?

Procrastination is something that every student experiences at least once in their high school careers. For some, it occurs every day, and for others, only a few times in each school year.
Everyone has their own opinions on procrastination, but I believe procrastination can only bring upon higher stress levels and, ultimately, bad grades.
During my middle school days, I lived as a full-time student, and, on the side, a procrastinator. Every day after school, I would watch a tv show, have dinner and go to bed. My mornings consisted of me sleeping through my alarm and then realizing I conveniently forgot to do my homework the night before due to procrastination.
When I arrived at school each day, I felt extremely stressed due to the amount of homework I had to do. This stress resulted in me trying to finish my homework during my classes and ultimately missing the new lesson of the day.
My daily routines did not help me succeed in middle school, so when I became a high schooler, I knew it was time to leave my procrastinating days behind me.
Throughout the course of my freshman year, I have started to participate in school extracurriculars which has left me with no time to waste with procrastinating.
This has only helped my grades, and (surprisingly) given me more time to do the things I want to partake in, such as watching tv or hanging out with friends and family on the weekends.
In conclusion, I have come to the realization that procrastination, though it may seem nice at the time, is only going to lead to bad grades and higher stress levels