10 Things I’m Grateful For


The Burruss Family gathers for a family photo during Thanksgiving 2020.

Maya Burruss, Staff Reporter

  1. My mom: She’s always there for me. She does as much as she can to make sure me and my sister have whatever we want and need. Anytime my sister or I are upset about something she is the first one to come make sure we’re okay. 
  2. My sisters Kiara and Lidia: I’m grateful for her because she’s literally my best friend. I tell her everything. Even if I’m wrong or right, she’s always honest. When I’m upset and don’t want to talk to anyone else, she’s always here to make sure I’m okay. 
  3. My dad. My dad and I are very close. Even though we don’t live together anymore, anytime I need or ask for anything he always makes sure I get it. I go with him every weekend and we all hang out together with my other siblings
  4.  My siblings: I have six siblings. No, we don’t all live together but we make sure we see each other every weekend when I go to my dad’s house. I’m very close to my two sisters because they understand me more when I tell them something I’m going through. My two brothers are 19, 21 and 25 so they are very overprotective of me. Even though I don’t tell them the things I tell my sisters because they won’t understand, I still let them know that something is wrong. 
  5. My cousins Nyasia and Nasiah: We’ve all been close since we were babies and never switched up on each other. Any time one of us feels like one of us are closer with the other one or if one of us says something that the other one doesn’t like, we don’t argue, we sit and talk about what the problem is, fix it and we’re fine.
  6. A roof over my head and a warm home: There are a lot of people in the world that don’t have a home or anywhere to stay. 
  7. My health: I’m grateful because your health is very important. Living a healthy lifestyle can help prevent any sickness. I know some people in my family that are dealing with sickness, and I’m thankful that I’m doing well.     
  8. My life:  I’m grateful because I love my life and the people I have in My life. Everyone around me has a positive vibe. They are caring and hardworking. 
  9. My job at Kroger: Working at a young age is a really good look and especially if you’re doing something that you love doing it makes it 10x better. 
  10. My phone:  Anytime I need to look up something, Google is always here to help me. I love social media, You see everything that’s going on and you can message your friends.