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Spanish Teacher Erin Verham

“I’ve always wanted to travel more in my life. Travel to South America, but Spain… Spain is really my number one. When I travel, I’m looking for a mix of just seeing all the tourist sites but then also just being able to take it slow and walk around and eat food and enjoy and not be too stressed out. It’s kind of a mix of the highs of traveling and then just being somewhere.

This summer, if we can travel, I’m going to go to Spain. My plan is to go for three weeks — the first week with my best friend and then the second two weeks my husband is going to come and meet us there… We’re going to start in central Spain and then with my friend we’re going to go south, and then back up to central, and then with my husband, we’re going to start in central and we’ll go north and end in Barcelona.

What I’ve always wanted to do is go to Barcelona and see the architecture and the museums there, because I saw it on Cheetah Girls when I was a kid, and I love that movie, so I was like, ‘I have to go there,’ so we’ll do that. And the north of Spain is really pretty — it’s really beautiful and the nature would be gorgeous. And then, my husband really likes cathedrals and historical sites, so I’m excited to see that kind of thing and then eat the food; the food will be so good.

Going to Peru was really cool when I was in college. I went there for two months and got to live in a little, small town and that was really special. Just getting to eat all the food and meet all the people and just see the way they lived — how it was similar but different to me. So I feel like if you have the opportunity to go, it’s such a good thing to go to.”

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