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Senior Eleanor Harris

“I would have to say that one thing that impacted my view on life is my mental health. I’ve gone through a lot these past few years, and there have been moments where it was hard to get up in the morning and just be a person. Anxiety used to play the biggest role in my life, and I had a lot of trouble accepting myself and the love people had for me. I think that’s true for a lot of kids my age. I can happily say that I’m doing a lot better, and I’m more appreciative of my life than I’ve ever been.”

“Realizing that there are things and people worth living for, most importantly yourself, is an incredible thing that I hope everyone who is going through something will experience. I still have some anxieties, especially as I’m beginning the transition to college, but I now know that I’m strong enough to overcome whatever is in my way.”

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