Student Teacher Niti Patel


Student Teacher Niti Patel

Gracie Bitrick, Staff Reporter

“This is my first experience in an American high school and so far it’s been pretty great. When I initially decided to become a teacher I assumed that I would do best as a 12th-grade English teacher rather than any other grade and it’s been great! I really love it. I think being in the pods is different than the main building but I prefer it, I don’t want the chaos of the main building every day. 

I’m really passionate about reading and trying to be happy. It’s hard to purposely make time to do things that make me happy and give me joy. It doesn’t take just physical time but energy. Even though I have at least 5 hours after school it’s still not enough to be purposeful with what I’m doing. 

I used to have these long periods of putting my all into one hobby. Right now it’s reading but before that, it was TV shows, which became an obsession from 2013 to 2020. I was watching TV back to back all the time. Since 2021 I have rediscovered my love for reading and I hope it will be a lifelong fixation because it gives me a lot of joy. I’m buddy-reading a book called The Dead Romantics by Ashley Poston, but before that, I received an advanced copy of a book that doesn’t come out until July and I loved it so much.”