Sophomore Summer Murray

Eric Theobald, Staff Reporter

“A friend that’s very memorable to me is my best friend Siena. I first met her in first grade and we were only friends in first grade because after that, she moved away to Maryland. I never got to really see her because we were in different countries. I lived in Germany at the time, so it was literally an ocean away. Yet, recently when I moved here I visited her. I guess it’s like not something she did consciously, but just being there with her and still feeling the connection and her remembering things about me all the way back then… it makes you feel good about yourself. She remembers things about you, and you didn’t think she would, but she does. Even now you guys get along so well. It’s just I don’t know, it’s not something you have very often because I’ve moved 10 times my whole life. I’ve never kept in contact with any of my old friends. But she’s the only one that’s been there for me since the very beginning.”