Taking something a little interesting

Annika Morton, Staff Reporter

Albemarle is the most diverse schools in the state, so it is no surprise that Albemarle accommodates all of these different students with these unique electives. These electives include anything from learning a “dead” language to Creative writing.
Students can also take a world language including Spanish, German, Latin, and even Japanese. Sophomore Marryn Adams takes Latin because, “It really helps with my English classes with vocabulary and different words.”
Including the different electives students can participate in different pathways such as the Arts and Letters pathway and the STEM pathway. The Arts and Letters pathway includes a Theatre strand, a Music strand, and a Media/Publications strand.
Along with languages and different pathways students can take different band classes. The classes include Guitar, Wind Ensemble, and Jazz Band. Some of the band classes, however, require auditions to participate in the next year class. “We play a lot of European music and it is cool to play music from different countries” freshman PT Meadors said.
Some electives are very laid back. Creative Writing is a good balance of hard work and a relaxing class. “This class is the best class out there. It teaches you everything about writing and you get to read the best writers. It’s easy and laid back. But the best part is the teacher, Mrs. Wood, who gets the students and loves them. She also works hard everyday to be the best for us” junior Josie Collier said.
Albemarle High School has a plethora of electives that can help students grow and learn in what they want to pursue after high school, and even help find what they are passionate about. Trying a new elective can be the difference between loving and hating your schedule, or whether or not you have a relaxing class to chill in.