Senior Student-Athletes Ink Their Next Four Years

Daniel Stajduhar, Staff Reporter

On May 26, 15 senior student-athletes signed their mock letters of intent to play in college. With a wide range of sports and colleges in attendance, the seniors got to have dreams come true with family beside them.

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  • Kirsten Bega – GLAX – Lynchburg University I chose the University Of Lynchburg because from the moment I walked around on the campus and was treated so well it felt like a place I would want to spend the next four years, The atmosphere was very genuine and friendly along will all the lacrosse team and coaches I am looking forward to all the practices and all of the team bonding events as I get to know everyone personally on the team and make some strong connections.” I really love the intensity and aggressiveness of the sport

  • Reaginn Bingaman – Lacrosse – Roanoke College I chose this school because of the location, small class sizes, and the team atmosphere. The team was very welcoming and the coaches were super supportive and passionate about lacrosse. I mostly look forward to playing with teammates who have the same drive and passion for lacrosse as me. I love that lacrosse is such a fast paced game and anything can happen in a short period of time. Someone can score in under 30 seconds, so the game isn’t over until the time on the clock has run out.

  • Jaya Daniel – Soccer – CNU I chose CNU over other school because it really felt like home as soon as I stepped on campus. I have the opportunity to play for a top D3 school that has the potential to win a national championship which was a huge driving factor. I love the coaching staff and the academics aligned with what I was looking for. I am most looking forward to meeting new teammates and building lifetime relationships. I love the team first atmosphere. Working in a team is very fun and it overall just feels better to celebrate with people you work hard with every day.

  • Arianna DeBoer – XC/Track – William & Mary I chose W&M because it has good academics and a supportive team and because I think it’s a school that fits my personality. I’m looking forward to being a part of a wonderful team and to having teammates who can push me to become a better runner. I love the connections that cross country builds as you spend so much time running with your teammates. I also love how easily you can track your improvement and work towards achieving personal goals.

  • Fahim Faizy – Soccer – Goucher College I chose Goucher because it is a small, modern, and highly diverse school. It has a great Communications program and the study abroad opportunity appealed to me as well. I am looking forward to competing in the highly competitive Landmark conference. We have the chance to play the top schools in Maryland and further North. From a personal standpoint, I took it upon myself to play here to improve myself and play with older guys that will push me to be better every single day. I love the game because the feeling of scoring or providing an assist is one of the best feelings in the world.

  • Cassidy Guyton – XC/Track – VCU I chose VCU over other schools because it was a perfect fit for me, athletically and academically. I love the Richmond area and I really clicked with the coaches. I am most looking forward to doing what I love with a new group of teammates and coaches. I feel so lucky to be able to compete at a higher level for four more years. I love everything about running, but my favorite thing about running is that you get out what you put in. Hard work can do amazing things! I also love the opportunity to get outside every day, no matter the weather.

  • Sophie Haise – SWIM – St Bonaventure I chose St.Bonaventure because I wanted to go to a small school but still be able to participate in D1 athletics. I fell in love with the beautiful campus, spirited and faith filled community. I am really looking forward to being a part of a very spirited school and being a part of the Bona family. I love being one with the water and the adrenaline I get while racing.

  • Charlotte Kaczka – ROWING – Cornell University I chose Cornell because I really liked the team when I met them, and because Cornell offered me the opportunity to work in a research lab while rowing. I’m excited to row at the next level, with the wonderful coaching staff, and I’m also really excited to row big boats (fours and eights) after rowing a single for two years. I love the physical and mental challenge, but mostly I love how much of a team sport rowing any multi-person boat is: it requires perfect synchronization to move a boat well, and the technique means that rowing quickly is incredibly graceful and fluid, even though it is immensely difficult.

  • Mia Liang – Rowing – MIT Getting academically challenged in college comes first for me and being STEM oriented, there’s no better school than MIT to study at. MIT also has a good academic, athletic, and social life balance among its students which was very attractive to me. I’m most looking forward to competing in the IRA’s and rowing on a nationally competitive team. I love rowing because I genuinely think it’s one of the most beautiful sports there is. While it’s physically and mentally demanding, there is also an aspect of grace that you need, individually and collectively in the boat.

  • Aidan Meyer – Swim – Mary Washington The University of Mary Washington immediately stood out to me with their amazing academic opportunities, and the extremely competitive swim team. UMW Swimming is known for having a great weightlifting program, and I am very excited to be a part of that as I am heavily involved with weightlifting. The thing I love most about swimming is the community. All swimmers have an appreciation for each other, and whether they are rivals or teammates, always depend on them to do well in a race.

  • Claire Moody – SWIM – Dennison I chose Denison because of it’s close-knit community I felt I would be very supported in, and for the school’s impressive academics. I am very excited to swim for Denison because of how determined, driven, and hardworking the team is. Each year the team fights to win the NCAA DIII championships and I am excited to be a part of a national championship team and hope to contribute to being national champions in the future. The thing I love most about swimming is the teammates and the bonds swimming creates that will last a lifetime.

  • Joshua Morse – Basketball – Roanoke College I chose Roanoke over the other schools because when I visited Roanoke and met the team I felt like I really fit in and belonged. What I am most looking forward to about playing is, competing for the conference titles every year and building close relationships with my teammates. What I love most about the sport of basketball is how the lows teach you how to handle adversity, and the highs teach you to never get ahead of yourself.

  • Keira Roach – VOLLEYBALL – Susquehanna University I chose Susuqehanna because the relationship the coaches had with their players was something I never saw in any of the other colleges I was talking to. I am most looking forward to being challenged every single day. The thing I love most about volleyball is the sense of accomplishment I get during and after playing. I also love that I get to enjoy the sport with my best friends.

  • Eve Umberger – Swim – Bridgewater I choose Bridgewater College because of the home-like community that I just didn’t feel in others schools. I am looking forward to being a part of a close team, and to be able to continue swimming for another four years! I love swimming because it is such a unique sport, you have to be both mentally and physically tough to keep improving.

  • Emily Ward – Soccer – John Hopkins I chose Johns Hopkins over other schools because it will allow me to get a great education and set me up for success in my future endeavors, while still giving me the chance to play the sport that I love and have played for my entire life. I also really like that it has the benefits of a big city while still having a beautiful campus and not being too far away from home. I am looking forward to meeting all of my new teammates, as well as playing soccer at a high level and competing for a national championship. The thing that I love the most about playing soccer is the relationships that I form with my teammates and the fun times had, both on and off the field.

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