Girls Tennis Goes Out Swinging In State Quarter-Finals

The tennis team was Albemarle’s last survivor in the post season. They lost to Deep Run during singles matches on Friday, June 3, closing the Albemarle Athletics 2021-22 year.

Eavan Driscoll, Social Media Editor

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  • Senior Mia Shen puts all her might into slamming the tennis ball onto her opponent’s side of the court.

  • Senior Emma Paitrick springs upward to keep the ball in play during her second set against Deep Run’s second seed.

  • Freshman Caroline Funk swings her racket towards the ball during her grueling match against Deep Run’s third seed.

  • Patriot students and teachers support the tennis team in the hot sun during their lunch break Friday afternoon.

  • Senior Catie Swansiger uses all her momentum to whack the tennis ball over the net during her tiring match against Deep Run’s fifth seed.

  • Senior Mia Shen tosses the tennis ball in the air as she serves the match winning point.

  • Freshman Annabelle Lindsay, freshman Romi Bader, and junior Maggie Teweles sit together against the fences to cheer on Senior Emma Paitrick during her tie-breaking set.

  • Junior Amy Wang follows the ball with her gaze, running backward to meet the far hit from Deep Run’s fourth seed.

  • Freshman Macy Moody bends back, preparing to recieve a low ball during her nerve racking second set against Deep Run’s sixth seed.

  • Senior Emma Paitrick bounds across the court to meet a crosscourt hit from Deep Run’s second seed.

  • Juniors Elizabeth Jackson (left), Sadie Hathaway (middle left) , Maddie Colavincenzo (middle right), and Vivian Hui (right) group together on the grassy hill above the tennis courts to cheer on players during their second block.

  • Senior Mia Shen lunges to meet the ball with her back hand during her match against Deep Run’s first seed.

  • Assistant coach Don Paitrick speaks through the fence to Junior Amy Wang, offering guidance in between sets against Deep Run’s fourth seed.

  • Freshman Macy Moody squats to receive a drop-shot from Deep Run’s sixth seed.

  • Senior Emma Paitrick returns to the court during her frustrating second set against Deep Run’s second seed.

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