Email Domain Change to Streamline Student and Teacher Accounts

Harley Walker , Revolution Correspondent

The ACPS Google email that students have been using for years has changed. The email has changed from to

The email change will make it easier for younger students to log in, since the domain name is much shorter, according to the Department of Accountability, Research, and Technology (DART) Chief Information Officer Vincent Scheivert. The change will also help alleviate confusion with students trying to share items with teachers.

The student.k12albemarle emails will officially be gone around the 3rd quarter, according to Scheivert. Students can go to the DART website to find directions on how to transfer everything from the student email to your new email.

The new email has created some confusion. WAHS student Carrie Smith and special education teacher Carrie Smith have been having a problem with the email change. Smith the student was receiving emails and documents meant for Smith the teacher.

“Thankfully, the student went straight to her teacher,” Smith said. “I’ve heard of at least one other teacher that’s had stuff sent to a student instead of them.”

Those using the email system should make sure to check the address before sending it. Teacher emails will have their first initial and last name, while student emails have only five characters.