Knot paying attention in school?


Juniors Mattie Wiseman and Emma Kim make friendship bracelets in their English class. Wiseman has made five bracelets so far this year.

Maddy White, Staff Reporter

Have you noticed a growing number of people making friendship bracelets at AHS? More and more people have taken up the hobby and are using it to concentrate during class.
“It gives me something to do with my hands so I can focus. Sometimes it’s hard to focus in class, and it’s better than doodling,” junior Julia Cuthbert said. Kinesthetic learners are students who learn best while performing physical tasks, which is why many people have taken up friendship bracelet making. Some classes also have “wiggle stools” that students can use while working and some people bring fidget spinners to use during lectures.
However, not all students use making friendship bracelets to improve their school performance, some people just enjoy the hobby. “They’re very relaxing to make and the final product is pretty. Plus, you can give them to friends or whoever,” junior Mattie Wiseman said. “If I sit down and really try to make one I can do it in an hour or thirty minutes.”
Teachers have also noticed a growth in the number of people taking up the craft. “It’s better than Netflix and those fidget tools, plus it’s creative and produces something,” Writing Center teacher Hannah Baran said. The Writing Center offered friendship bracelet making as one of their activities for Chillax Week.
“It gave me something to occupy my mind instead of stressing about exams,” Cuthbert said.
On the other hand, bracelet making might not be for everyone. Some students find the craft to be boring or time consuming. “I don’t personally care for them,” sophomore Shemar Powell said, “and not to be sexist, but to me they seem to just be in with the girls.”
Target and Michael’s sell material as well as small businesses such as Magpie Knits and Threads, LLC. At Target crafters can buy the thread for eight dollars, however supplies are beginning to sell out. If you would like to learn how to make friendship bracelets but aren’t sure how, click here for patterns.