Plant Care For Dummies

Katie Sue Campbell, Staff Reporter

Recently, I was gifted two plants. One being some beautiful little baby spider plants, and the other is some strange vine plant. Just from that sentence alone, you can tell about how much I know about plants.

As soon as I got them, I was so excited because I have some beautiful babies ready to thrive. I realized very quickly how little I knew about plants. So I decided that we would go on this journey together, trying not to kill our plants one step at a time.

Why don’t we start with our first obstacle, potting our plants. Now this is simple for my baby spider plants, because their roots aren’t big or strong enough yet to be in a pot with soil. Instead, I simply filled up my Harry Potter tumbler with some sink water and dropped those bad boys in.


I also tried to put them in a sunny part of my house. Make sure your plants aren’t too close to any windows, though, as it is very cold out and the cold from the windows can’t be healthy for your plant. Spider plants will do very well in artificial or natural lighting.

For my second beaut, this one is fully ready to be planted. Her roots are strong and independent, ready to start her life in her own pot. Now this, this is where we first hit a bump in the road: I had no idea how to pot a plant.

To get some help, I went to another plant dummy, Jill (aka my mom). Now Jill helped me find a pot that would properly fit this beaut, and shared knowledge on how to properly pot her.

To properly pot, put some soil in the pot first. Then I put the plant in and filled in around her. I also packed the soil down around her, just to be safe.


My first rookie mistake, you always have to water after putting your plant in a pot. I did not do this. However this morning I ran downstairs so fast to water her you would’ve thought it was Christmas morning.

Thank you for joining me on this wild ride of motherhood. Until next time, let’s keep our kids alive.