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Freshman Seng Myitung working on her clay box in ceramics.

Freshman Seng Myitung

“I’m not sure I really have a passion. Honestly, for me, it has always been hard to find one single thing that I’m passionate about. I feel like most people would define passion as a love for a certain thing or hobby but I haven’t found anything like that. 

I like to do a whole bunch of things. Maybe I’m passionate about them, maybe I’m not but either way, I do them as best I can. I try my hardest, even if I’m not good at something or don’t like it.

I have played piano since I was six. I’ve never been really good. I have always tried to advance but still never excelled. There have been times when I have felt like I hated it so much that I wanted to stop and quit but I kept going. I don’t think this is a passion, but more a hobby. I have done it for so many years that quitting seems like a waste now.  

[Seng sits in ceramics 1 during first block]

This is my first year trying ceramics. My problem with hobbies is a lot of the time I think it looks easy but when I actually attempt it is actually really difficult. Ceramics can be frustrating sometimes but  I don’t want to be that person that tries something but stopped it immediately because they were not good at it. I want to give everything a fair shot. So even if it is hard I still want to attempt it.”

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