Patriots Beat the Bears 5-1 to Become Regional Champs

The Girls Tennis match took place at Boar’s Head Thursday morning, May 26.

Eavan Driscoll, Social Media Editor

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  • Senior Emma Paitrick smacks the ball over the net during her second set. She later won the set 6-3 to win the match over Riverbend’s second seed player.

  • Senior Catie Swansiger prepares to serve the ball during her second set against Riverbend’s fifth seed player. She would later win that set 7-5 to put Albemarle in first place over the Riverbend Bears.

  • Girls Tennis Head Coach Ian Lyons speaks with Riverbend’s head coach as their players warm up before their regional championship match.

  • Freshman Caroline Funk adjusts her stance as her third seed opponent prepares to serve.

  • Senior Emma Paitrick prepares to recieve the tennis ball during her heated match again Riverbend’s second seed.

  • Junior Amy Wang comes of the court smiling after winning both her sets 6-0 against Riverbend’s fourth seed.

  • Freshman Caroline Funk adjusts the score board during her second set against Riverben’s third seed. She later won the set 6-1.

  • Senior Tess Eluvathingal Muttikkal sends a powerful serve to her opponent, Riverbend’s first seed.

  • Freshman Macy Moody debriefs with assistant coach Don Paitrick after her win against Riverbend’s sixth seed player.

  • Athletic Director Deb Tyson watches over the regional champion trophy during the Albemarle vs Riverbend match-up. The trophy came home with the Patriots after they beat Riverbend 5-1.

  • Senior Catie Swansiger thrusts toward the tennis ball in an effort to save her one point advantage over her Riverbend opponent during their first set.

  • Senior Emma Paitrick takes a break in between her first and second sets against Riverbend’s second seed. She won both sets: 6-4 and 6-3.

  • Senior Tess Eluvathingal Muttikkal prepares for her tough matchup against Riverbend’s first seed player. Despite putting up a fight, Tess lost her match 2-0.

  • Senior Emma Paitrick prepares to serve during her first set against Riverbend’s second seed. Paitrick later won the set 6-4.

  • Junior Vivian Hui supports friend Amy Wang with her poster “You Can’t Go Wrong With Amy Wang” during Wang’s match-up against Riverbend’s fourth seed player.

  • Freshman Macy Mooy gives friends in the stands a thumbs up after winning her match 2-0.

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