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Government Teacher Abbey Plein

  1. 12th grade Government.
  2. Taught Government and US History at AHS in 2019, then Civics at Journey Middle School before coming back to AHS to teach Government.
  3. “I decided to teach because I had a really hard time in school. In middle and high school I did not see the point of school. I just wasn’t interested in doing what people told me to do and doing it because that’s what I was supposed to do. After high school, I worked in Athens, Georgia, and then in Washington D.C. Eventually, I was like, ‘This is really hard, life is harder than it was in high school,’ and I felt like I was wasting an opportunity. So I went to community college and then transferred to UVA. I remembered the way that teachers I had in middle and high school put all of this mentality in me that I could perform well and grow as a student, they believed in me. So eventually I came around to wanting to be that kind of teacher. I coached soccer for a little and learned that I really like working with young people.”
  4. “My favorite day of the week is Friday. You get the anticipation of the weekend but don’t get stressed about the next week.”
  5. “A fun fact about me is I worked in a restaurant called Lauriol Plaza in Washington D.C. and Bill Clinton came in so I met him! He had this charismatic energy surrounding him, and I understood how he could get people to vote for him.”

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