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Anna Zheng

Math Teacher Elizabeth Collier

  1. Algebra 1 and Geometry teacher for all grades.
  2. 18th year of teaching math.
  3. “I sort of got into it [teaching] by accident…I’ve always loved math, but I was actually trying to do a different job than teaching. I was trying to get into science and engineering, but I kept coming back to the fact that I need a very strong math base to do that, so I went back to school to do more math classes and discovered, ‘Oh, wow. If I want to continue to go into engineering or science, I need to get a job to pay for all this.’ So, I started to work at my alma mater, and I started teaching math there.”
  4. “I really love Mondays because I always feel like Mondays are a brand-new, fresh start to a whole week. Whatever you did last week or on the weekend is over. Just start fresh.”
  5. “I juggle. I actually started a juggling club at Cal State Long Beach. The club is called Beach Balls, and the cool thing about the club is that our moderator, Dr. William Murray, is actually a graduate from Albemarle High School. He was my math teacher, and one year, he said, ‘I’ve always wanted to start a juggling club on campus, but every time I have students say they’re going to do it, nobody does it.’ My and me classmate said we’d do it.”

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