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Anna Zheng

Social Worker Dawn Monroe

  1. School social worker for all students’ mental health support.
  2. Around 15 years in education, including time in special education and as a Region Ten employee.
  3. “I’ve always loved school. I am a lifelong learner, so working in a school was something I was very much attracted to. I started as a teacher in special education and realized that I was falling in love with psychology and mental health, so I switched to that, in regards to mental health support. I always wanted to work with teenagers in particular and stay in the school system, because it’s very unique from community resources. I’ve just loved it and stuck with it.”
  4. “My favorite day of the week is probably Friday. It’s usually not as busy, and I can meet with more students and talk about upcoming weekend plans, and it has a bit of a more lighthearted feel to it. It’s just not always as crazy as the first part of the week, and I can also focus on self-care for the weekend, so it’s a good balance.”
  5. “I love peacocks. They’re amazing, beautiful birds, and I decorate a lot of my house with them — I have stuff about peacocks everywhere. I love the color palette and everything.”

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