Varsity Baseball Loses 4-2 against CHS 5/10

Madelyn Dudley, Staff Reporter

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  • Grant Shiflett steps into the batter’s box getting ready for a pitch from CHS.

  • Will Coleman focuses in the batter’s box as the pitcher winds up.

  • James Rolf raises his knee to use full power into his next pitch.

  • Junior Luke Riccabona tosses the ball back to the pitcher after they struck out a player from CHS.

  • Pitcher Mandela Browman huddles up with Grant Shiflett and Will Coleman before going through with the next play.

  • Tristan Knight steps his left foot forward to prepare for contact from a pitch by CHS.

  • Nick Knight receives a ball at shortstop to attempt to throw out a player running to third.

  • The team nervously waits for a run made by a teammate at bat.

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