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The Revolution

Why Logan Paul doesn’t deserve your support

Maddy White, Staff Reporter January 9, 2018

Logan Paul, a former Viner and current Youtuber, has been a topic of conversation lately after posting a video of him and his crew going into a “suicide forest” in Japan. There they found the body...

To procrastinate or to not?

June 2, 2017

Procrastination is something that every student experiences at least once in their high school careers. For some, it occurs every day, and for others, only a few times in each school year. Everyone has...

Immigration Ban

Tehran Festus, Staff Reporter February 27, 2017

There has been a lot of talk about the immigration ban, recently. A topic that we have been talking about here in the revolution staff. After talking for a bit, it became clear that the majority of us...

Anyone but Trump

Anyone but Trump

November 4, 2016

America is at a turning point. The economy is slowly starting to become stable, The US military and their allies are closing in on ISIS, and there is an open seat on our Supreme Court. America needs a...

New homework policy needs edits

Editorial Board May 23, 2016

The homework policy for the 2016-17 school year suggests cutting down on the number of hours of homework per class allowed each week. After reviewing the plans for next year's homework policy, The...

Confessions from concessions

Confessions from concessions

Alex Joncas, Staff Reporter May 23, 2016

UVA. Basketball. Graduation. That is what you think of when you hear the name John Paul Jones Arena (JPJ). Many people who go there to attend games or events often buy things from the concessions stands,...

A Day with a Cop

A Day with a Cop

Ashley Bond, Managing Editor March 7, 2016

  Ever wondered what it was like to be a police officer? Here’s a sneak peak at a piece of their typical day: 7:40a.m. Police Corporal David C. Wallace escorted me to his police cruiser and...

Good vs Bad AHS

Good vs Bad AHS

Maddie Stumler and Marc Rabourdin December 15, 2015

THE GOOD: Walking around in the halls of AHS, I’m always hearing other students complain about things they dislike about the school. I transferred here this year from a very strict school district in...

Why Potatoes Are Called The Versatile Starch

Why Potatoes Are Called “The Versatile Starch”

Eliza MacKnight, Revolution Reporter December 15, 2015

The potato is quite possibly the most underappreciated and judged food out there, being used as an insult (“Don’t be a couch potato!”) and taken advantage of day after day for it’s simplicity and...

Top Ten Things Eliza Hates About You

Top Ten Things Eliza Hates About You

Eliza MacKnight, Staff Reporter November 4, 2015

2 If you’ve ever been sitting in public and become disturbed by something someone was doing to the point where you simply couldn’t take your eyes off of them, welcome to my life. Unfortunately for...

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