Movie Review: American Sniper Moves Viewers

Movie Review: American Sniper Moves Viewers

Sarah Lemley, Staff Reporter

As I entered the theater, popcorn in hand, I thought this movie would be like any other war movie; violent and suspenseful, and in my opinion, mostly just showing camouflage-clad soldiers riding around in tanks. But as I left the awestruck theater that day, I realized I was completely wrong.

For two hours and 12 minutes, I stared at the giant screen in the theater, unable to take my eyes off of the nail-biting film portraying the American sniper Chris Kyle’s career in the field.

Not only did this movie portray his struggle to overcome the traumas he’d experienced at war, it also showed his strained relationship with his worried wife, Taya, and his unending perseverance to save others.

Directed by Clint Eastwood, and aligned with a talented cast including Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller, this movie does not disappoint.

From Middle eastern war zones to the Kyle’s humble home in Texas, there is a little something for everyone in this movie.

If you enjoy a love story like Dear John, the relationship between Chris and his wife will give you butterflies. If you can’t get enough of action and suspense like Lone Survivor, this movie will keep you on the edge of your seat, unable to look away from the screen.

Yes, this Oscar-Nominated movie covers a variety of topics, but it also pulls the wool off of your eyes to view a culture unquestionably different, something you would only view as a navy SEAL.

As I watched a secondary character’s heart stop beating, I was completely stunned at how calm these soldiers were in a time when they could perish at any second.

I was completely stunned at how the portrayed terrorists acted against the Americans, and even against their own countrymen. They were completely cruel, inhumane, and how you would describe the most malicious and twisted villain. These anti-heroes make Joffrey Baratheon or Voldemort look like somewhat decent human beings.

I was also stunned at how little credit we give to our soldiers and the individuals fighting for America for what they actually do. Yes, we know them for killing the “bad guys” who want to destroy our country, but many of us don’t see what horrendous atrocities they experience on a daily basis.

Yes, we honor them with Veterans Day on Nov. 11, but these soldiers deserve more honor than we give them. Soldiers are like a modern day Jesus or Superheroes for our country, willing to risk their lives to save others they haven’t even met. Constantly, they put on a brave face, go out and fight so that we can have peaceful and safe lives. The least we can do is say “thank you”.