Opening of the New Skate Park

Landen Stephens, Staff Reporter

The new Charlottesville Skate Park opened this past Saturday, March 2.The park is complete with three separate areas with varying degree of difficulties, including a section for beginners, an intermediate level, and then a section for more advanced tricks, complete with bowls and banks. With a $2.4 million budget, the Skate Park promises to offer something for everyone, including people who are just picking up a skateboard for the first time.

Senior Nathaniel Shifflett is most looking forward to the bowls and grinds. “It’ll be easier to practice tricks, and it’ll be nice to have a good place to skate again.”

“It has amazing concrete, and great vibes, and the people there were really amazing, with no one being a jerk,” Shifflett said. “When we got there [on Saturday] me and my friends hit the bowl, because we’ve never had one before.”

“I’ll probably be there every weekend and whenever I can if I’m not busy with work.” senior Anthony Goode said.

Stephens, Landen

The Skate Park is open everyday from 8 am, to sunset, and is free and available for anyone to use. For more information about the rules visit:

Stephens, Landen