So long, farewell, Eliza says goodbye

Eliza MacKnight, Editorials Editor

Wow, it’s already been four years? It seems like just yesterday I was late to my first journalism class ever because I got lost and had to ask a janitor for directions. Even then, everyone was so nice about it and made me feel welcome. In my four years in journalism, that feeling never vanished.

Never have I been part of a class or an organization that is so open-minded and diverse, and so incredibly good at letting in anyone who wants to join. The discussions and heated debates that took place in this class were unparalleled, and really forced me to think outside of my own personal viewpoints. As my time at Albemarle finally comes to a close, I realize how extremely lucky I am to have gotten the opportunity to be a part of The Revolution staff, and I appreciate the people who were alongside me through this experience.

First off, a major thank you to Ms. Reaser for teaching me the ins and outs of journalism and giving me an outlet to share my opinions. Thank you for sparking my passion for writing and allowing me to publish literally anything that came to my mind (throwback to that article I wrote about the versatility of the potato). It is because of you that I am able to comfortably turn my emotions into words. Thank you for not only being my teacher, but also my friend, and someone who has looked out for me throughout my entire high school experience.

Thank you for listening to me complain about my other teachers, for letting me spend your class outlining or studying instead of doing your assignments, for checking on me when I sleep through class to make sure I’m feeling okay, and for asking if I need to talk about anything when I seem overwhelmed or stressed out. Thank you for bringing me lots and lots and lots of fudge to eat, for understanding when I had to prioritize rowing practice over late nights, and for not getting mad at me when my articles weren’t done by the deadline (which happened quite frequently). You are by far the most patient and understanding teacher I’ve ever had and I can’t thank you enough for putting up with me, my relentless talk about The Bachelor, and my incurable Senioritis.

I would also like to give a huge shoutout to Grayson and Jake who, I can’t believe I’m actually saying this, I will miss a lot next year. I’m so glad I got the privilege of being your friend/punching bag this year. Although I won’t miss being pelted with off-brand fruit snacks, having my Fiji water poured out and replaced with toilet water, watching as you comment mean things on my Instagram pictures, or being compared to Shrek, Chicken Little, and Simba on the reg, I will miss having my two little brothers around (Jake is actually older than me, he just doesn’t act like it). Thank you for always being up for playing Webkinz games against me in class, for all the laughs, and for talking to me, even when you thought I hated you at first because I gave you mean looks from across the room (I really didn’t hate you, that’s just my natural resting face).

I hope you guys have a blast in this class next year without me, and I hope you write at least one article about something other than sports. I hope Jake can learn how to go an entire class without feeling the need to take his shoes off and release his foot stench to everyone around him, and I hope you both will stop making inappropriate jokes loud enough for all 20 students in the class to hear, when you think you’re whispering to each other. Best of luck to you both in your senior year; come visit me at JMU! Make sure you call first though, I don’t think I could handle you randomly showing up at my dorm. Also Jake, you still owe me $7 from that time I brought you Jimmy Johns.

And with that, my last article as a high school journalist comes to a close. Endless thanks to AHS for a pretty awesome four years; the memories made here are ones I will cherish forever. As I begin the next chapter in my life, I know I will often refer back to my time here for guidance. For one last time, Go Pats! And for the first time, Go Dukes!!!