Boys Soccer Beats Monticello

AHS won the game 2-0 Monday night

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  • 9th grader Devin Kriebel raises his hand in front of the crowd when he is announced before the game.

  • Junior Adam Coppi sprints up the sideline after stealing the ball away from the trailing Mustang.

  • Monticello player jumps above junior captain Jack Dofflemyer to complete a header. AHS got possession once the ball hit the ground.

  • Senior captain Maycol Echeverria rushes after the Monticello player, attempting to steal the ball away from him.

  • Boxing out Monticello player, senior captain Luke McClung keeps possession of the ball by the goal.

  • Seniors Fernando Noriega Maldonado and Maycol Echeverria point toward Moticello’s goal, arguing that the foul should result in an AHS ball. Monticello players point in the opposite direction and prevail in the end, winning the call.

  • Junior Tilman Sherwood mid-kick while passing the ball up the field.

  • Monticello’s goalie winds up to kick the ball after saving an AHS attempt on goal during the first half.

  • Senior Fernando Noriega Maldonado sprints up the sideline, trying to get open and be a pass option during a breakaway in the first half.

  • Monticello player steals the ball from senior Luke McClung who quickly regains possession and passes up the field.

  • Senior captain Maycol Echeverria is tripped by a Monticello player as they fight for the ball.

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