Celebrating Culture: BSU & LatinX Social

Anna Zheng, Social Media Editor

This article has been updated.

On Thursday evening the BSU and LatinX Club will host a social event to celebrate Black and Latinx culture.

Snacks and ethnic cuisine from both cultures will be served at the sit-down dinner, with the BSU and restaurants like Plaza Azteca contributing. Vegan and vegetarian options will also be provided. 

The jazz band will perform, and guest speakers will join as well. The BSU and LatinX club plan to have other activities like games, piñatas and raffles for prizes such as Beats by Dre headphones. The SCA and the Men of Color Honor and Ambition (MOCHA) chapter are also helping organize this event and its array of activities.

All students are welcome to attend, whether they are part of the clubs or black and latinx communities. 

The BSU and LatinX club aim to immerse fellow students in “the greatness of the two communities,” BSU president senior Erick Cates said. “I want it to be a fun time for AHS students. Everybody’s welcome, and this is a way of showing that.”

I want it to be a fun time for AHS students.

— Erick Cates

“We want [non-black and non-Latinx students] to share time with us. We want them to build relationships with us,” LatinX club representative senior Isabella Garcia Meija said. The clubs want to uplift their communities, “and have everybody join to support these two cultures since they’re a really big part of our school.”

Students may purchase tickets from the SCA window during lunch from April 28-29; entrance tickets are $3 and raffle tickets are $2. The event will be from 6-8:30 p.m. on April 29 in the breezeway with a semi-formal dress code.