Top 5 Halloween Horror Classics


Eavan Driscoll, Editor

Looking for something to do on Halloween night? Grab some popcorn and a friend and settle in for one of my five favorite old horror films.

The Exorcist, 1973

The devil has come to town. If you are squeamish about broken bones or possessed people, steer clear of this disturbing cinematic masterpiece.

Halloween, 1978

This classic has dominated screens on the 31st for years. Follow a group of high school seniors through Halloween mischief and murders and witness the birth of a serial killer. (There are 8 total movies)

The Silence Of The Lambs, 1991

Don’t watch this thriller alone. Hannibal Lecter, the antagonist of this film, commits unspeakable crimes that will leave you up at night. 

The Shining, 1980

In the mood for some mind games? This ageless movie is a cross between mystery and phycological horror. It is a slow burn that will leave you haunted long after watching it.

The Blaire Witch Project, 1999

On a hike through the black hills, three student filmmakers encounter the supernatural presence of a local murderer, the Blaire Witch. Watch this film to see if they make it out alive.