Midlothian Matchup Leads to Tennis Victory

AHS girls took the game 7-2 Wednesday night

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  • Sophomore Macy Moody runs through a line of high-fives after being announced at the beginning of the AHS match against Midlothian.

  • Planting her feet, senior Maggie Teweles gets ready to serve the ball.

  • Tossing the ball up, senior Amy Wang prepares to serve against #3 Midlothian opponent.

  • Tracking the ball with her eye, senior Vada Gupta prepares to smack it back over the net.

  • Senior Megan Kennedy high-fives teammates while being announced at the start of AHS’s match against Midlothian.

  • Sophomore Caroline Funk bouses the ball, preparing for a serve against Midlothian’s second ranked player.

  • Swinging her tennis racket behind her, senior Amy Wang prepares to wack the ball back over the net.

  • Senior Maggie Teweles twists after hitting the ball, attempting to reposition herself before her opponent smacks the ball back.

  • Preparing for her opponent’s serve, senior Vada Gupta lunges to her left to gain a strong stance.

  • After winning another set, sophomore Caroline Funk flips the scoreboard to “4.”

  • Lunging to her right, sophomore Macy Moody sets herself up to return the tennis ball to her opponent.

  • Lunging to her left, senior Amy Wang gains momentum to hit the ball back over to her Midlothian opponent.

  • Lounging on the hill overlooking the tennis courts, senior fans Brenna Shifflett (left), Hudson Alther (middle), and Andrew Kerber (right) smile for a picture.

  • Glancing over her shoulder, senior Vada Gupta smiles after winning a tough point against Midlothian’s #1 player.

  • AHS’s top three players all won their individual matches against Midlothian on Wednesday. Veda Gupta won her match 9-4, Caroline Funk won 9-4, and Amy Wang won 9-7.

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