This year Thursday is the new “Friday”


Kaitlyn Miller, Managing Editor

Oh YouTube.  We love it so much.  We love its free music videos, its pirated movies, and, of course, its ability to make the next generation of singers. Many stars have risen from YouTube, such as Justin Bieber, Carly Rae Jepsen, and now, apparently, the new Rebecca Black: Nicole Westbrook.

That’s right.  Our favorite Friday fanatic has met her match.  Nicole Westbrook’s  video, “It’s Thanksgiving,” hit the web on Nov. 7 and by press time, had 5,219,836 views.

Written and produced by Patrice Wilson, the same person responsible for Black’s “Friday,” the video showcases kids celebrating Thanksgiving together.

Several notable moments in the song include:

1. Thanksgiving being on the wrong day for 2012 (The video showed the holiday on Nov. 28 instead of Nov. 22).

2. The random sparkling turkey is actually the video’s producer, Wilson (you might remember him as the rapper from “Friday”).

3. Several children appear bearing food, but without parents in tow (perhaps none of their parents love them enough to eat with them on a national holiday).

4. Besides Wilson, not a single adult was present throughout the entire video.  It looks like an episode of Charlie Brown.

5. Westbrook breaks into rap halfway through the prayer with rhymes such as “can’t be hateful, gotta be grateful, mashed potatoes on my, on my table”- Wilson’s favorite line, according to ABC News.

6. A turkey leg doubles as a microphone.

7. Slow motion cooking shots that only brings to mind the dangers of tween solo cooking.

8. None of the food the kids bring is ever actually put on the table.  Where does it go?

9. California appears to have some sort of freak weather where Westbrook lives, where it is cold enough to wear a leather jacket on  July 4 but warm enough to wear a sleeveless dress in November.

“Friday”, with 42,810,092 views was covered by everyone from “Glee” to Elvis Duran, so no doubt “It’s Thanksgiving” will have 15 minutes of fame.  Or in this case, 15 days.

But if you fear that Westbrook’s music will disappear after Thanksgiving, don’t worry.  According to ABC News, she’s already recorded a rap song for Wilson’s company and plans to film another music video later this year.